Build brand loyalty for your business with your very own branded music playlist… With music that is specifically chosen to make your clients feel good and messaging to make sure they come back! Delivered through innovative internet technology in real time to one or many locations across the globe and regularly updated, Couture Media is the premier choice for custom audio branding.

We help maximize the role of music in your branding strategy by extending it to all your points of contact – from in-store, to phone, and to the web. Advertise your playlist in your business then imagine your client going to your website to launch the player of your station to listen at home, at the office or on their smartphone. Or how about the person who calls your place of business and is put on hold only to be entertained by a sound that is exclusively yours and not heard anywhere else! It may be hard to calculate the rate of return but it’s not hard to visualize how this keeps your business top of mind and we’ll let you figure out what that is worth!

For more information, watch our video on How It Works