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What is Entandem?

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You might have received an invoice recently from an organization called Entandem requiring payment from you to cover the licensing for the music you play in your establishment. This would apply to Canada only.

cafe staff members behind the counterThis might cause some confusion as you already pay your Socan and RE:Sound fees or you have a music service that covers those for you in your monthly subscription. You might think, is this yet another fee?

Fear not, Entandem is a joint venture between RE:SOUND and SOCAN, created to simplify the licensing process so you can play all the music you want in your business legally and ethically, ensuring those who made the music are compensated. In short, by paying Entandem you are in fact paying for SOCAN and Re:Sound with one payment instead of paying both parties separately. 

Does this mean all your legal obligations are met by paying Entandem? Not necessarily. Depending on the music source you are using, CDs, video, tapes, streaming services like Apple music or Spotify, it may still require you to pay the copyright and publishers owners. You can read our previous post on this to get a full understanding.

Another thing to consider, you may save on your yearly music fees by opting to subscribe to a background music service provider. Your Socan and Re:Sound fees are included, your copyright obligations are covered and you can save anywhere from 30% to 90%. You’ll also enjoy professionally managed music and save time on orchestrating your playlists.

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