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Soundtrack is a subscription-based streaming platform, licensed for commercial and public spaces. It supports businesses of all sizes and adapts to your needs.

tablet used for music system


Have access to over 450 playlists which are professionally curated for businesses. Each playlist includes over 40 hours of music. Our curators can help you work out guidelines for an individual sound and tailor a soundtrack that defines and reflects your brand.

Tablet screen with Soundtrack Music
Import Spotify playlist window

Import Your Spotify Playlists.

Expand the music library with your own playlists. With our new, click-and-import feature, you can now import playlists directly from Spotify.




Don’t like profanity? Block songs with explicit lyrics. Need more variation? Prevent frequent repeats. The settings menu will help you get the sound just right. You’ll also find several other useful features like volume normalization and zone-specific stereo/mono.

software has a simple function to block explicit songs

Play it.

You can run Soundtrack on devices you already have, so there’s no need to worry about investing in new hardware. Use iOS devices, a Windows PC, or our Soundtrack Player. Integrates with Sonos.

Soundtrack Player 3.0, tablet and PC


Schedule your music.

The new scheduling feature lets you tailor the music to fit your business perfectly. By working with playlists with different energy levels or emotions, you can adapt the music throughtout the day to meet your changing needs.

(For example, some businesses play upbeat music to help get the staff motivated before opening.)

Image of the scheduler for background music service
hand holding iphone remote for music system for restaurants and retail

Control it.

Use your phone as a remote.  Let the staff fine-tune the experience from their smartphones. It’s all inline, and you can control your sound from anywhere in the world.

Soundtrack player.

The Soundtrack Player is a practical solution. It automatically downloads a full week of songs and plays them offline.

13 gb internal memory holds up to 2 weeks of music

Size: Width 108 mm, Height 79 mm, Depth 38 mm 

Remote updates

Image of a Soundtrack Player 3.0

How brands use Soundtrack.

Watch how brands like W Hotel, Ikea, McDonald’s, Tag Heuer and Joe The Juicer use Soundtrack to elevate their brand experience.

  • Custom music curation available
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Onboarding assistance & training
  • 24/7 Tech support
  • Fully licensed
  • Works with Sonos®

Starting from

$ 40
CAD / Month
no committment
  • Custom music curation available
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Onboarding assistance & training
  • 24/7 Tech support
  • Fully licensed
  • Works with Sonos®

Starting from

$ 44
CAD / Month
no commitment


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