Sonos Airplay Setup & Soundtrack Unlimited

What's new

We’re very excited to announce that you will now be able to control your music directly from the Soundtrack app.  The app’s music-control features include  play, pause, skip, volume control, playlist selection and music on-demand.

Moving forward, the Sonos app will no longer be used to control the music in-store.

Download the Soundtrack App

1. Open the Catalog folder on the iPad desktop

2. Search for “Soundtrack Player” (red & white logo) and install

3. Enter your pairing code that will be provided by Head of Retail.

(*please note in the event you need to re-pair in the future a new pairing code will be generated and this original one will no longer be active.)

Press play on a playlist

  1. Go to the Discover tab at the bottom of the Soundtrack App.
  2. Click on any playlist. It will open the playlist and show the songs.
  3. Press the play button under the title and the music will begin to play from your iPad.

You're ready to play Soundtrack on your Sonos system

  1. Look for the song that is playing at the bottom of the screen and click so that it opens a window with more detail

  2. Beside the stop/play control buttons click on the far right speaker icon

  3. A pop up will appear and click on connect speaker. All speakers will appear. Select them all to make sure the music is playing


  1. On the iPad, swipe down from the top right-hand corner of the screen. This will reveal the ‘control center’

  2. Press on the airplay button

  3. All speakers will appear. Select them all to make sure the music is playing on all your Sonos speakers.

Version 1

Version 2

You are all set! Going forward you will no longer play the music from the Sonos app. Instead you will control all the music from the Soundtrack Player app.