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Are customers and staff complaining that your restaurant is noisy?


Noise levels are the number one customer complaint.

The noisy restaurant gets negative reviews because clients deem it too loud to carry on a conversation and leave with strained voices.
In some restaurants noise levels reach up to 90+ decibels which can be hazardous to the staff’s hearing who are subjected to it for long periods of time. 
The reasons for the high noise levels can be a combination of circumstances.

Causes of noise in your dining area

Your ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems are old, loud or in the wrong place. Changing to a high quality system and rerouting vents can be an expensive undertaking but might be necessary. If you are building out a new place, keep this in mind and spend a bit extra to ensure the quietist possible system.

Avoid placing heavy kitchen machinery too close to the dining area.
Unfortunately, you may a victim of your interior design. Many of today’s restaurants are surrounded by sleek tiles, concrete walls, glass windows and vaulted ceilings. These hard surfaces reflect sound, causing it to bounce through your space and creating more noise. By adding soft surfaces to your dining area, you will absorb the sound and reduce the room noise.

Steps to remedy the problem

The first step is to measure your current noise level when the dining area is full. You will know what you’re working with and be able to measure the effectiveness of your sound dampening. Apps like Decibel X and Noish Sound Level Meter turn your phone into an effective noise measuring tool. You can also purchase specialty devices that give you more accurate readings.
Armed with this info, you can turn to the many ways to help dampen the sound. Cover hard surfaces with materials that absorb sound. Try hanging up curtains, lay down carpeting and install soundboards or baffling.

By soundboards we’re not talking about those drabby grey soundproofing panels you see in recording studios. Many new companies have emerged with acoustic solutions for hospitality. They design stylish sound absorbing pieces to fit with your decor. Often your customers will think it’s just part of the design concept. With soundboards you can reduce the overall noise level by as much as 15db!

Ezobord and Primacoustic are just two of these companies that can help you with architectural sound treatments for your space. 

By lessening any noise level over 80db, your clients will feel a level of privacy during their conversations. Even if the place is popping, they won’t have to strain their voices or their hearing. Plus, your staff will love you for it. Now that’s sound management. 
Ceiling absorbing panels
Sound absorbing light fixtures
Sound absorbing wall treatments

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