It’s time to get ready for the Holidays

You probably know that October is the time to review your plans for the all-important 2014 holiday season. It’s evident that success in retailing involves many elements working in conjunction with each other. We’ve outlined 5 things that you can focus on right now to enhance the shopping experience on several fronts. As consumers demand a
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I just got a call from a car dealer in Montreal asking for details about playing background music in his showroom. He recently had a visit from a SOCAN Licensing Agent who informed him that he had to pay a fee for playing music in his business establishment. This was new to him and he
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What’s the next music trend?

Where is mainstream music heading? Having caught Tiesto’s set at Ile Sonic in Montreal this past Saturday it’s starting to look like EDM is moving away from BREAK-DROP-BREAK_DROP and adding back melodic elements. It was a great set from someone who has been doing it for a long time. Music trends are always tough to
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Colori, is a Canadian company of 40 stores throughout Quebec and specialized as a retailer of women’s clothing.

Can music really cause city crime rates to decline?

Here is yet another example of the profound effect that music has on behaviour. Roughly 20 years ago New York City was a city ridden with crime. Mayor Rudy Giuliani took over as Mayor in 1993 and presided over one of the quickest and steepest crime rate declines in the history of any US city.
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Touch to be discovered!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Raine of Canadian Musician magazine for an upcoming article about instore music and how it can help indie musicians. We’ll be sure to post a link to the article here when in comes out. One of the topics we touched on was ensuring that your music is
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The New Year is a good time to do it

It’s the beginning of 2014, the holidays are behind us and the mad shopping rush is past. This time of the year often represents a slower period for retail – so why not take the opportunity to review and revamp? Keeping up with the latest retail trends is crucial and there’s nothing like the start
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Beware! Make sure you are paying for the rights to use music in your store or restaurant or this may happen to you!

Restaurants forced to shut down for not having payed for the use of music? If you don’t have a music service company that covers these costs for you make sure you are reaching out to these licensing associations to clear the rights.

In-Store Radio Promotion

Traditionally, to get your music heard and to make money from it, you had to get onto terrestrial radio or video television. With the explosion and proliferation of custom radio channels and playlists in stores, restaurants, boutiques, hotels, malls, supermarkets, gyms, banks and more, where millions are greeted by music selected by an in-store music
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In The Mood for Food!

The latest digital issue of Restaurant Central is online and we are happy to be apart of their “In the mood for food” article and share our thoughts and tips for music in your restaurant.