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A tight-knit group of radio professionals from Montreal, Canada, we founded Couture Media in 2008 as an alternative to generic satellite music services. Our clients are progressive, growth-oriented marketers who want to separate themselves from the competition and better emotionally connect with their customers. We put our experience in music programming, production and playlist curation to work.

As a team, we are proud to claim both an extensive knowledge of the classics and a finger on the pulse of today’s music scene. World-renowned researchers help us understand what it is that people like about music and various songs, so our custom in-store music playlists can, at various times, demonstrate mass and narrow appeal.

An additional convenience to our clients is that we are also a full-service production company. Our highly regarded voice talents and producers create commercials, messaging and jingles to complement and enhance the image and efficacy of your brand’s custom radio station.


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