Why should I choose a “custom” channel over the generic music channels from satellite services?

A custom channel will make you stand out from your competition. Instead of playing the same old repetitive music channels (like satellite) that every other store plays, a custom channel will allow you to mix it up with any type of music from classical to rock and everything in between, giving you a sound not heard anywhere else! Plus with a custom channel you can play different types of music at different times of the day, for example slower tempo in the morning and more upbeat during the day.

You can also change the style of music throughout the day to reflect a change in clientele….the sky’s the limit with a custom channel, we adapt the channel to the needs of your business.

How often is the music updated?

The music is updated every two weeks to make sure things sound fresh and to make sure we include any new releases.

What if we have a special theme or need holiday music?

That’s the benefit of having a custom channel. From holiday and seasonal music to themed inspired playlists you pick when and how you want it and we make it happen.



How is the music delivered?

The music is delivered as a stream over the internet. You must have high-speed internet to use this service. This method of delivery allows for quick turn-around times for updates and is NOT dependent on whether or not the antenna is perfectly placed or if the weather is good like satellite services.

If it is streamed, will it sound bad like an internet radio station?

Not at all. Usually internet radio stations broadcast at 56 kb/s which sounds thin and there is often a lot of buffering. With Couture Media’s encoder you are guaranteed CD-quality audio (192 kb/s) and there is no buffering. Also, all songs are edited so that there are no silent gaps between the songs and normalized so that tunes are all at the same volume…no more running over to the sound system to turn down the volume when a loud song comes on!

What type of equipment do I need?

An encoder is needed to stream your channel. It is a very simple plug n play setup that requires high-speed internet and 2 RCA cables that plug directly into your existing sound system. The cost of the encoder is a one-time fee and is not included in the monthly service charge.

What if I have a technical issue?

We have a toll-free 24 hour technical support line to reach us at should you experience any problems. However, built into the encoder box is a backup system should you lose internet connectivity. On the backup is all the music for your channel and therefore you will never be without music!



Why should I have messaging?

Messaging is important because it allows you to speak directly to your clients in your establishment. Tell them about upcoming sales and specials, how to join your fanclub, encourage them to fill out a questionnaire online, have your staff record holiday wishes, etc.…it’s another important way to directly reach your clients and it adds a personal touch that keeps your business top of mind.

How does messaging work?

You send us the text that you need read and we will take care of recording it, producing it and putting in on the channel. You choose how often you want the message to play and for what amount of time. You can also have someone from your team record the message and send it to us. We’ll make sure it gets on the air.



How does the process work?

  1. Once you contact us we send you a Client Needs Analysis, a questionnaire that you fill out about your business, your key client demographic, and your musical needs.
  2. We will then supply you with a demo that will give you a good feel for how your custom channel will sound. Once you approve the demo, we design the channel based on your needs.
  3. When the channel is ready, you will receive your encoder. You plug your high-speed internet into the encoder and 2 RCA cables that also plug into your sound system. Turn the encoder on and your channel will automatically stream through sound system…it’s that simple!
  4. If you have a franchise, every store gets an encoder and they will all hear the same channel at the same time.

How much does the service cost?

Since every client has different needs the price depends on those needs. Please visit our contact page and we will be happy to give you a free quote.

What if I’m having a special event at my store and I want to change from my regular music channel to something different for the party?

Absolutely you can do that! With adequate notice, we can put together a special playlist for your event so there is no need to spend a lot of money hiring a DJ….Couture Media is your personal DJ!