Kara Yamich, Managing Partner
Leo Da Estrela
Managing Partner

We are a small group of radio professionals from Montreal, Canada who use our knowledge and passion for music to develop a custom, strategic soundtrack for your brand or place of business.

Couture Media was founded in 2008 and developed as an alternative to generic satellite music services. We discovered a void in the marketplace for a service that is customized to those businesses very aware of developing their unique brand.

We are professional music programmers who, through 35 years of combined experience in radio,  production, playlist curation and DJ-ing, have an extensive knowledge of the classics and a firm finger on the pulse of today’s music scene. As avid music fans, we have an ear to the street and understand the power of music to connect and move people. We work closely with world-re-known researchers to understand what it is that people like about music in order to develop music playlists that are mass appeal as well as to targeted demographics.

Also, we are a full service production company with various voice talents and producers who create commercials, messaging and jingles to complement and enhance your station!

Photos: © Corina V Photography