A Selection of our Clients

Have a look at how we helped some of our clients with their custom music needs and what they have to say about us...

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Music for Restaurants:

Are CDs and satellite channels not giving you that perfect ambiance for your restaurant? Go custom! Couture Media will design that perfect playlist that will set the right mood for each time of day.

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Music for Retail

Music and fashion go hand and hand...both represent one's freedom of expression and individuality. Let Couture Media help express the uniqueness of YOUR brand and reflect its lifestyle with a custom music channel.

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Music for Hotels & Resorts

Make it a memorable stay for your guests by setting the perfect hotel ambiance with custom music channels by Couture Media. Your lobby, restaurants, pool area, etc. will all have the right music.

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Music for Cafés

More than ever, café brands need to distinguish themselves in such a competitive landscape. One way is with the right music. While other cafés are stuck with generic satellite services and repetitive CD playlists, stand out from the competition with a custom channel from Couture Media.

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Music for Spas

When it comes to the music for your spa let Couture Media help you think outside the box. We specialize in designing unique playlists that connect on an emotional and creative level. Your clients will be pampered by the full sensory experience.

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Music for Malls

Go beyond background music in malls with a custom audio solution from Couture Media. Insert ads into the music mix to announce new store openings, mall services or store hours and much more.

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Get Started Now!

Couture Media creates custom music channels for brand-conscious businesses... It's more than just background music, it's music that brings your business to life.


Three Reasons to Choose Couture Media!

100% Custom

1We design exclusively for your business its very own unique radio station. With access to tens of thousands of songs and experienced music consultants, we create a music channel that sets the perfect ambiance for your business and is the voice for your brand…and it will never be heard anywhere else!

Messaging = $$

2Messaging is a strong marketing tool that informs and entices your clients to stay longer and spend more. Add messaging to your music channel to influence your clients’ buying power at the point of purchase.  Messages can be targeted to a single store or an entire chain to support tactical marketing campaigns.

Easy to Use

3No complicated setups. All you need is an internet connection and a sound system. It’s a simple plug ‘n play installation of a small encoder box that broadcasts your CD-quality channel to your business anywhere around the world. Plus! It’s simple, it does not involve a major overhaul and compliments other services well.